The modules

The Global Health Education Consortium initiated this web project with the central objective of improving the quality and efficiency of global health education. We seek to do this by providing high quality modules on a wide variety of topics which students can review either on their own or in instructor-led courses. By being assigned in advance of class session modules can reduce time spent in lectures, thus allowing class time to be used more productively in discussions, review of case studies, problem-solving, etc.

As of May 2010 over 80 draft modules are available and by year’s end we expect to post another 20.

The modules have the following characteristics:

  •  PowerPoint presentation with a common ‘look-and-feel’ format
  •  Suitable for introductory and more advanced courses
  •  Suitable for medical, public health, nursing & other health profession students as well as undergraduates
  •  Has desirable features such as learning objectives and quizzes
  •  Usable in either instructor-led or self-instructional mode
  •  Developed in partnership with student organizations, NGOs and universities
  •  Will be peer-reviewed by faculty and field-tested by students prior to final author revision and posting
  •  Will be linked with a global health wiki so users can add content and dialogue about the topic
  •  Some modules are translated and we may have modules based on regional priorities

To see the modules scroll down the screen, click on the module of choice, and then “Click for full view.” To view the module click on the right (to advance) or left pointing arrows or use the Page Down/Up keys.  A click on a “Note” button will lead you to supplementary notes to the side, and a click on the “Back” button will return you to the slide.

The GHEC website also plans to introduce a global health “Forum” and “Wiki”, two features that will facilitate discussions and collaborations among members to initiate and/or participate in public inquiries and discussions on topics of interest. The wiki site will facilitate the collective creation and editing of relevant contents readily accessible through the web. Users will be able to ‘tag’ conversations and wiki pages with keywords or topics of choice to link them with other useful sources of information. These two community features can leverage the collective intelligence of the GHEC community in the pursuit of our central objective to improve the quality and efficacy of global health education.

Persons interested in proposing a new module topic, being a module author and/or serving as reviewer should contact Tom Hall at: thall [at]