Raw Food Diet Benefits, Is Raw Food Really Better for You?

The benefits from a raw food diet from beauty to improved immunity and increased energy levels, raw foods have a number of merits as outlined below:

It is an effective weight loss

Raw foods carry very little calories, so taking more of these can do a great job in detoxifying the body and helping in weight loss. When people turn to a diet which is all-raw, weight loss is quickly realized. Raw foods are considered live because they contain enzymes such as lipase and protease, which are very crucial in weight loss. Lipase aids the body in digestion, burning fat and distributing fat through the body. Absence of lipase explains why fat accumulates in the body at times. Protease on the other and, will help your body in breaking down proteins and eliminating toxins. Elimination of toxins makes a direct contribution towards weight loss because under most circumstances, your body will tend to store the excess toxins in body fat.

They are high in fibre

Raw foods are associated with high fibre content. Fibre on the other hand, plenty in seeds, fruits and vegetables, plays a great role in the human body. For instance, it is a weight control measure but can also enhance cardiovascular health. Fibre also carries disease fighting phytochemicals and can enhance your digestive health.

An amazing energy boost

You may not realize this until you try the diet out. Eating raw results in an extraordinary energy boost. The human body will normally distribute energy towards muscles and organs, cleansing, fat loss and waste elimination, digestion (which takes up most energy) and finally towards crucial functions such as respiration and blood circulation.

The body rarely gets enough energy to complete all these tasks because they are competing to get the most energy from the same source. Taking more and more of the raw foods therefore has the implication of huge energy bursts because there is a decreased need for energy to digest the food. This also means more stamina; thus one can engage in any physical activity of their choice without feeling depleted so fast.

It promotes focus and mental clarity

Human beings are basically what they eat. This is indicative that the food we consume will not only affect our physical nature but also the emotions, perceptions, dreams and ideas. Raw food has all the essential nutrients needed for the nourishment of your brain. When all these are provided, memory stays sharp besides an improved concentration. Alertness also translates to a mental stamina that will allow you to complete whatever tasks that require the commitment of your brain.

Leads to emotional balance

Looking at highly processed and excessively cooked foods; they contain a number of chemicals which are associated with mild or even extreme degrees of stress. This pollutes human consciousness and storms our emotions. One will therefore barely function as expected in such a state. This is why raw foods play a vital role in boosting emotional balance.

It enhances beauty

The role that a raw diet plays towards the overall look of your skin cannot be downplayed. A number of people, especially women, will experience reduced puffiness on their skin once they take raw foods in plenty. There is a series of beauty gains which come along with these foods. For example, nails will be stronger, hair will look shinier and the eyes too will appear brighter.

Many people ignore the fact that the appearance of the skin depends more on what they take in rather than what they apply on it. Nourishment starts internally before it spreads to the outwardly visible parts of the body. The moment you reduce consumption of junk and pay attention to unprocessed fruits, vegetables and seeds, the skin will grow softer, finer and more firm.

To improve your cooking skills its often good to attend a cooking class that specialises in raw foods cooking.

It boosts immunity

Most of the raw foods have an abundance of antioxidants, Vitamin A and vitamin C. These ingredients boost your immunity and may significantly reduce the threat of serious infections such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and heart problems. Talking of broccoli for instance, it has cancer fighting properties only when it is taken raw. If broccoli is cooked beyond the recommended temperatures, however, it loses these essential properties and regardless of how frequently it is consumed, cancer may be knocking so fast.

Cools and hydrates the body

Raw foods are known for their high water content, a reason why they easily cool, and hydrate the body. When a person snacks on fresh vegetables and fruits like watermelons pears, cucumbers and leafy greens, they stay energized and hydrated especially during the hot season.

Proper hydration also translates to better digestion because a lot of water goes into the process of braking food down. Toxins will as well get flushed out of the body easily when there is adequate hydration. In essence, therefore, keeping the body hydrated with the help of these foods improves general body health.

In summary, considering the health benefits that one gets out of raw foods, indeed they deserve all the glory. Rather than grappling with lifestyle illnesses, therefore, it is time that you turned to an easier preventive measure which does not in any way leave you starved.

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