Global Health Bibliography

The Global Health Education Consortium (GHEC) has developed a bibliography of selected citations for use by students and faculty interested in global health. We are pleased to provide on the GHEC website this 3rd edition of a still evolving project for your information and use. GHEC will welcome your suggestions for improving content and/or presentation. First, some observations:

Why Develop this Bibliography?

With free electronic bibliographic searches readily available, why develop a bibliography? Electronic searches are very useful but they are not selective and may result in hundreds of citations of marginal or no value. By comparison, the GHEC bibliography is selective, with a limited number of high quality citations in each topic category. It is designed for use at the introductory and mid-levels of study and is not meant for the advanced student.

Citations are Categorized ​

The bibliography has 800+ citations (some listed under several categories) grouped into 27 topic categories. These categories have been debated and discussed extensively with our colleagues in GHEC and represent what are deemed to be the most useful categories.