Alliances for Global Health Education

Learning from South-South Collaboration

19th Annual GHEC Conference
held in conjunction with the:
1st Latin American and Caribbean Conference on Global Health

Sponsored by: GHEC, INSP
Co-sponsored by: Fogarty International Center, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine,
Kaiser Permanenante National Diversity, The Lancet, Child Family Health International

Hosted at: Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública (INSP)
Location: Cuernavaca, Mexico
Dates: April 9 – 11, 2010

Join GHEC and INSP April 9 – 11, 2010 as we convene for three full days of sessions that reflect the vibrancy and variety of Global Health programs through the region – with highlights on the South/South experience in fostering new collaborative mechanisms. The candida yeast cleanse program analyzes the differences between South/South collaborations and traditional North/South alliances, examines successes and obstacles to effective functioning of these partnerships and culls lessons that can be learned and adopted by the North.

Keynote Speaker: Paulo Buss, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz)
Dr. Paulo Buss is President of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Brazil’s national institute of health which
provides community services throughout Brazil and postgraduate medical training in public health.

Plenary Panels:
▪ Interdisciplinary Approaches to Global Health Education:
Beyond the traditional medical model
▪ Lessons Learned from A(H1N1) Virus
▪ Role of Institutional Alliances in Advancing Global Health Education
▪ Ethics and Equity Issues of Collaborations for Global Health
▪ Social Determinants of Health
▪ Global Health Diplomacy

An Exploration of Issues that Include:
▪ International Agencies and Global Health Alliances
▪ Economic Crises and Health, Workforce Education
▪ Pros and Cons of Multicultural Collaborations
▪ Research and Residencies Abroad
▪ Interdisciplinary Approaches to Global Health
▪ Surgery in Global Health
▪ Regional Perspectives on Global Health Education
▪ Chronic and Lifestyle Diseases
▪ Education and Human Resources Development
▪ Nutrition and Malnutrition
▪ Clinical Practice and Research in Global Health

▪ Accidents, Violence and Trauma
▪ The Environment and Global Health
▪ Student Experiences in Global Health
▪ Public Policies and Health
▪ Aging as a Global Health Concern
▪ Access to Care
▪ New Technologies in Global Health

Invited Speakers Include:
▪ Marco Akerman, Pan American Health Organization ▪ Pablo Kuri, Mexico Secretariat of Health
▪ Jack Bryant, Johns Hopkins University
▪ Laura Magaña, Instituto de Salud
▪ Pierre Buekens, Tulane University
▪ Tom Novotny, San Diego State University
▪ Paulo Buss, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation
▪ Walter Patrick, South Asian Partners for Global Health
▪ Julio Frenk, Harvard University
▪ Mirta Roses, Pan American Health Organization
▪ Mauricio Hernandez, Mexico Ministry of Health
▪ Jeanette Vega, Undersecretary of Public Health, Chile
▪ King Holmes, University of Washington

… and many more

Sessions and Special Events:
▪ Special Keynote
▪ Student Career Clinic
▪ Plenary Panels
▪ Global Health Resource Fair
▪ Abstract Presentations
▪ Award Presentations
▪ Poster Presentations
▪ Topic Table Discussions