Framework for an Interdisciplinary Modular

Curriculum on Global Health

Directed and Coordinated by:
Bjorg Palsdottir, MPA
André-Jacques Neusy, MD, DTM&H

Module I:
Global Health: Redefining Health in the Era of Globalization

Module II:
Learning from Diverse Health Systems

Module III:
Reducing Barriers and Improving Delivery in Diverse Healthcare Settings

Module IV:
How to improve Health Care Delivery in a Global Environment: The Process and Tools of the Trade

Module V:
Disaster Preparedness and Response: Strengthening our Public Health Infrastructure (module is incomplete)

Module VI:
Global Health Partnerships: Local and Overseas Field Work

The interdisciplinary curriculum on global health was developed at the Center for Global Health at New York University School of Medicine. The Irene Diamond Foundation provided financial support with the specific aim to make this document public and to be used by health educators as they see fit. This initiative is the product of a joint effort among individuals from the following organizations:

• New York University: School of Medicine, the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, the Steinhardt School of Education, the College of Dentistry, the Law School
• The New York Academy of Medicine
• The New York Department of Health
• Community based organizations such as Doctors without Borders and the International Rescue Committee
• The Council on Foreign Relations
• The World Health Organization