Listserv Management for GHEC members

GHEC members are automatically added to one of two listserves (unless a request was made to *not* be added). The listserves are:

Posting Address : : [email protected]
A listserve for GHEC members who are faculty, practitioners, residents, staff at a global health, or global heatlh-related program, institution)

Posting Address : : [email protected]
A listserve for GHEC members who are students

The listserves are private lists for members only and will only recognize the email address of members. To post to a listserv, make sure you do so from the email address registered with GHEC. Posts to a listserv from an email address not in GHEC’s files are automatically rejected.

An internet list serve is an electronic mailing service that distributes messages to all members who are subscribed to the list. You send messages to the list address and the GHEC-L computer, called a “server”, sends out your message to all the subscribers at once. Members receiving the messages can reply back to the list or can choose to respond privately back to you, the sender. In this way discussions are started, information shared and resources discovered.

As a subscriber you can choose to receive the messages immediately as they are sent to the listserv server, or you can opt to receive a once-a-day compilation of all the email messages received in that day. This compilation is called the “digest” version, if this would be better for you, then you can change your subscription options at the Archives interface (see instructions below).

If you are going to be out of town and not have access to your email for a prolonged period, you may want to temporarily turn off the delivery of list serve emails. You can set your account to “nomail” and back to “mail” through the Archives interface (see below).

It is possible to search an archive of listserv messages. Currently we have available archived messages starting in January of 2000 it may be possible to open the archives from prior to then in the future.

You can search the archives by topic, title, sender, date or for any text word in the messages. This means if you have a question about Cuba, for example, and you wanted to track down any past messages relating to Cuba, you can log into the archive site on the web and search all the messages for Cuba. Once you find it, you may have your answer or you can contact the person who sent the original message to get more details or to learn what information may have been sent directly to them by other subscribers. In addition, you have the option to view a list of all messages sent in a certain month.

You can also manage your own settings/options. You can set your account to regular mail or digest, and there are different digest versions you can chose among. You can set your account to no-mail when you’re going to be out of town for a while to keep mail from accumulating. When you return, you can turn the account back on.

Here are the instructions for using these features:


Open the following URL:
<> (You may want to bookmark this site on your browser.)


<> (You may want to bookmark this site on your browser.)

You will see the following choices:

Search the archives Post to the list Join or leave the list (or change settings) Manage the list (list owners only)

February 2004 January 2004 . . . Etc.

When you access these features, you may be prompted to log in. On your first access (or if you forget your password) you will need to click on the hyperlink on the archive site: which is in the text of the introductory paragraph on the log in page. (See instructions on setting a password below).

Once you have established a password, you will simply enter your e-mail address (the address you provided to GHEC’s database upon initial membership subscription or renewal) and your password. If you are on your own computer, you may want to log in with the option to place a cookie on your computer. This means that your computer’s hard drive will store a piece of information that includes your e-mail address and your listserv password so that the next time you want to use this site you will be automatically logged in and will not have to enter your e-mail address nor your password.

When you click on the link, you will be prompted to enter your e-mail address (be sure to use the address you provided to GHEC’s database, the computer will not register your password if it does not recognize you as a subscriber). Then enter any password you like (at least 5 characters long). You will have to enter it twice to confirm that you have it correct. Within a few minutes the computer will e-mail confirmation of your password registration to the e-mail address you entered. Once this happens, you can log in and proceed with your search, posting, adjusting of features, etc.

If you have questions, you can Craig Whiting <[email protected]>, DO List Owner, and he will be happy to assist you as soon as he can.

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